Who am I…?
I identify as queer, feminist, trans*, poly, nerd, gamer, butch, boi, lesbian, and whatever else I forgot to mention here. At the moment I am still studying computer science and I am filling my free time with some joygiving projects like organising a queer feminist summer camp and stuff. I love organising things.

…and what will this comic be about?
I have no idea yet. Actually, I just make scribbles of situations, that happened to me and if I think it is somehow kind of interesting for some people (not so high quality assurance I guess, but it’s fine) it will be on this site.  Also, if you are interested in something, my opinion or my experiences, ask me! I would be glad to make this comic somehow interactive.


Many thanks to my proofreaders and translators, Lisa, Hannes, Mélanie, Kai and Anna! <3